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Wristbands User-friendly
May 27, 2017

Currently on the market of smart bracelet, mostly just to collect the user's movement data and heart rate, blood pressure and other data, and then in the form of APP intuitive display, nice not practical. Recently, the United States Stanford University and the University of California scientists developed a smart bracelet,Wristbands only through the analysis of sweat, the body can be a comprehensive physiological monitoring and disease diagnosis, to help the smart hand out of "good looking" Embarrassing position. Related research results published in the "Nature" magazine.

Recently, the results of these scientists once again made significant progress, the latest research results published in the "National Academy of Sciences" on. Ronald Davis,Wristbands professor and professor of biochemistry and genetics at Stanford University, said that the latest wristband devices embedded in sensitive sensors and microprocessors can accurately diagnose diabetes,Wristbands cystic fibrosis and other diseases. Even more interesting is that the new device is the initiative to stimulate the sweat glands to produce the required amount of trace sweat, patients do not have to get sweat and long meditation, this is a huge step forward.

This sensor device consists of flexible sensors and microprocessors, attached to the skin can stimulate the sweat glands to sweat, and then according to the relevant electrical signals in the presence of molecules and ions. If the chloride ion content is high,Wristbands then the patient may be suffering from cystic fibrosis; and if the high blood sugar, which may mean diabetes.

In fact, sweat analysis is not a new concept, but now need to collect sweat alone, and then sent to the laboratory to use a variety of instruments for analysis. So, if there is a smart watch to human body sweat for real-time data collection and analysis, then you can achieve the molecular level of the user's health monitoring.

Of course,Wristbands the diagnosis of one or two diseases does not represent the true value of this device, this technique can also be used to detect other components of sweat,Wristbands such as sodium, potassium and lactic acid, can also be used to detect other diseases. Researchers are conducting large-scale clinical studies to further clarify the relationship between sweat component readings and health. They hope that the future can integrate this device into the smart watch, user-friendly.

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