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Wristbands Use The Method Correctly
Jun 21, 2017

Over the past three years, the smart wear from the industry has high hopes, many people in the industry, the agency has predicted 2014, 2015 will encounter the market turning point, two time points were based on Google glasses, Apple watches Concept storm. However, the reality is not satisfactory, the first generation of Google glasses has failed, Apple's watch performance is not up to expectations. This basically confirms that the wearable smart device is an overly hot field, the immature technical form and the barren industry base make the concept of overheating embarrassing, while also allowing consumers and investors to stop frenzy and return to reason.

Smart wristbands and head wear is currently wearing the two main battlefield of intelligent equipment, and now the two kinds of product forms encountered constraints and resistance to show that the status quo is still in the initial stage of intelligent wear, the distance was once predicted "outlet", " Burst point "still far away.

Use of wristbands

Many friends may have a misunderstanding, that is, feel the wrist band is dispensable, that only just set in the hand to avoid the loss of the tool only, the use of climbing sticks used to tightly grasp the handle force, in fact, wrist strap is very important , Whether it can correctly use the wrist strap is directly related to whether the correct use of climbing stick!

The load of the mountaineer, relying on the wristbands, carries the weight and weight of the backpack to the wrist through the wrist strap, rather than holding the joystick's handle by force. I believe that many people have such an experience: by holding the handle with a force to climb the stick, walking longer words will feel very tired, especially in the long line when sometimes tired or even want to throw away the climbing sticks. But once learned to use the wristband correctly, no matter how long your hands will not feel tired.

So how should it be properly held?

First, adjust the wristband to the appropriate length, the handle from the wrist strap through

And then press the wristband in our palm; and then gently hold the handle can be, so that the load through the wrist to support the climbing stick, rather than tightly grasp the handle force. If the wristband length is not appropriate then adjust.

This is under normal circumstances, the hand stretched out after the look, the tiger's mouth is not showing a semi-circular state?

This is the way to correctly grasp the mountaineering sticks.

The tiger's mouth gently holding the handle, the horns can swing like a pendulum, wrist strap as a connection, there is no need to hold the grip, do not worry about the climbing stick will fall, even if the long-term use of climbing sticks will not think it Is a burden.

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