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Wristbands Proper Use Of The Method
Jul 12, 2017

Many friends may have a misunderstanding, that is, feel the wrist band is dispensable, that only just set in the hands to avoid the loss of the tool only, the use of climbing sticks used to tightly grasp the handle force, in fact, wrist strap is very important , Whether it can correctly use the wrist strap is directly related to whether the correct use of climbing stick!

The load of the mountaineer, relying on the Wristbands, carries the weight and weight of the backpack to the wrist through the wrist strap, rather than holding the joystick's handle by force. I believe that many people have such an experience: by holding the handle with a force to climb the stick, walking longer words will feel very tired, especially in the long line when sometimes tired or even want to throw away the climbing sticks. But once you learn to use the wristband correctly, no matter how long your hands will not feel tired.

Wristbands and head wear is currently wearing the two main battlefield of intelligent equipment, and now the two kinds of product form of the constraints and resistance to show that the status quo is still in the initial stage of intelligent wear, distance was once predicted "outlet", " Burst point "still far away.

In contrast, the limitations of the existing Wristbands, such as the output terminal size is too small to determine the number of applications is extremely limited; and then smart phones from the mobile phone operating effect is poor, Apple Watch can not even run independently, can only take the fashion route Support the scene; life is another big problem, equipment, if the battery can not adhere to sleep before the night, the basic enthusiasm of consumers greatly reduced. With the fatal place, other minor defects will be passive amplification, such as expensive, poor experience, the developer is not enthusiastic and so on. Both the formation of the old terminal can not be replaced, it is difficult to establish a new consumer demand, the final result is just need to be weak.

Compared to Wristbands products to play fashion cards, the lack of killer application of the helpless situation, smart headset equipment is caught in the technology ahead and slow progress of the strange environment. We found that the current smart headset equipment development are basically in the virtual / enhance the direction of reality, although VR / AR in the future is a technology burst point, the market parties are happy to see it, but confined to immature technical form and Higher market risk, the development of the field far behind the Wristbands, at least so far no practical significance of the smart headset into the consumer market.

It can be seen that the current smart wrist strap, wearing the main wearable intelligent equipment products if you want to make great progress, we must establish an effective just to achieve and mature technology, while the latter is to promote the former catalytic conditions. Such as the eye-catching 3D holographic projection + gesture voice control is the most promising to replace the current general physical screen + touch the future technology, once the product molding technology is mature, is bound to trigger the next wave of technological innovation and industry tide. However, from the idealized product model, there are still long way to go.

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