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Wristbands Most Commonly Used
Aug 11, 2017

Wristbands to discharge the body's static electricity. It is made of anti-static elastic band, movable buckle, spring cord. Protection resistor and plug or chuck. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with an anti-static yarn, and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarn. Main indicators: spring cord maximum length 250cm leakage resistance 106Ω (protection resistance 106Ω). Cordless wrist strap (antistatic) Electrostatic ring Wired wrist strap (anti-static) Wireless static wrist strap, Wristbands Details Wireless electrostatic wrist strap, but the use of (static voltage balance) of the physical principles, "Electrostatic engineering" is the use of static electricity through the push between the principle of the development of the way from the static electricity from the high-power from the high-potential push the characteristics of the human body electrostatic ion push the design of the drought (collection area) , Through the [charge sensing principle] will make the conductive plate of the positive and negative surface with "equal amount of the opposite charge" - skin effect, because the area is equipped with ion exchanger <the use of its low free energy characteristics> can be easily introduced into Of the electrostatic equivalent of the same amount of electric ions to be neutralized, it can achieve the effect of electrostatic discharge, and the other outside the machine with a screw, and the internal conductor circuit

(1) can be used as a result of improper exposure to high static power, resulting in a moment into a large number of static charge, and in the ion and can not be completed by the same with the screws outside the air water molecules to provide ion neutralization (for Corona discharge effect) , So that static electricity effectively excluded, and to achieve electrostatic discharge (static voltage balance) the ultimate goal.

(2) can use this screw to do the potential zero function (just touch the screw can be grounded),

(3) can be used as a loop detection terminal.

Wired grounding wrist strap is the most basic anti-static equipment, but also the most commonly used in the production line of essential goods, not only in the erection and operation is very convenient, the price is also most often affordable, the reason for the wrist and ground Line, the body's electrostatic discharge to the earth, so the use of the wrist strap must be in contact with the skin, the ground wire also need to directly ground, and to ensure that the ground wire unimpeded to maximize the effectiveness.

Wristbands Electrostatic ring is a device worn on the human body wrist, the release of the body accumulation of electrostatic charge device. It is divided into cable, wireless, metal ring and rubber wire mixed wire mixed ring. This product belongs to one of the Wristbands buckle adjustment cable type, it can effectively protect the zero block, from static interference, to discharge the body's static electricity. It consists of anti-static elastic band, activities buckle, spring cord, protective resistor and chuck composition. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with an anti-static yarn, and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarn. The principle of anti-static wired wrist strap is through the wrist strap and ground wire to the body's static electricity to the earth. When used, the wrist strap is in contact with the skin and ensures that the ground wire is directly grounded to maximize the effectiveness. Wear this Wristbands, it can be 0.1 seconds to safely remove the static electricity generated in the human body, grounding wrist strap is the most basic anti-static equipment, but also the most commonly used.

The purpose of the wristband application:

1) the patient flow process can be correctly identified (extra bed, turn bed, surgery, medication medication, check out).

2) have a history of allergies are eye-catching mark, at any time to remind, easy to check.

3) Awareness or ambiguity can be correctly identified.

4) to ensure the uniqueness of maternal and child, to prevent confusion.

5) The doctor can use the reader to scan the bar code wrist strap, accurately and quickly confirm the patient, read the patient information.

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