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Wristbands Good Resilience
Oct 10, 2017

Metal Wristbands is mainly used for purifying workshop, the life of the grounding terminal is determined by the service age,

The most domestic best anti-static metal Wristbands bending times 6,000 times, imports 60000 to 100,000 times. But domestic wrist with a lot of problems, for example, the rubber wrist belt is easy to damage, the connection is not good enough, imports can be used for at least two years, as for metal wrist belt is the same rule.

Anti-static Wristbands is a kind of workers wear on the wrist to release the body electrostatic Wristbands commonly used in electronic products production line. Divided into rope and cordless. Antistatic Wristbands (with rope) it consists of elastic band, activities by buckle, spring cord, protection resistance and plug or chuck composition, elastic band of the inner layer with anti-static yarn weaving, the outer layer with ordinary yarn knitting, the use of workers will wrist wear on the wrist, buckle on the button, the other end of the plug or head grounding, This can effectively release the body's static electricity.

Anti-static Wristbands after a period of use due to the continuous stretching of the wrist in the process, bending, some cheap Wristbandss inside the wire will be broken off so as not to anti-static effect, and the use of its personnel do not know it has expired, contact with electrostatic sensitive parts, resulting in electrostatic accident.

1. Good anti-static Wristbands wrist part of the inner layer is made of silver, the more turns, the better the conductivity; 

2. The Wristbands connecting PU line is stronger than the PVC line, and has better resilience;

3. Grounding wire internal material, preferably for copper wire;

4. Grounding line part and wrist band connection part of the bending times, through the corresponding instrument can be detected, if there is no test equipment users, built

To obtain the corresponding third-party inspection reports from the buyers.

Anti-static wrist band to release the body static electricity. It by Anti-Static elastic Band, the activities of the buckle, spring cord. Protection resistance and plug or chuck composition. The inner layer of the elastic band is woven with antistatic yarns and the outer layers are woven with ordinary yarns. Main indicators: Spring cord Maximum length 250cm leakage resistance 106ω (protection resistance 106ω). Rope, cordless Wristbands (anti-static) electrostatic ring cable Wristbands (anti-static) wireless electrostatic Wristbands, anti-static Wristbands The detailed introduction of wireless electrostatic Wristbands, is the use of (static voltage balance) of the physical principle, according to "Electrostatic Engineering" static electricity is the use of ions between the transfer of the principle of research and development, By the characteristics of electrostatic self-high potential push, the body of human electrostatic ions is designed to push the drought body (collecting area), the positive and negative surface of the conductive plate is respectively provided with the "equivalent charge"-skin effect, which is based on the ion-exchange agent, which uses its low free energy properties. Can be easily provided by the introduction of electrostatic ions equal to the same charge to neutralize, it can be achieved electrostatic discharge effect, and the outside of the machine with a screw, and internal conductor loop connection

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