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Wristbands Correct Use
Oct 24, 2017

Many friends may have a misunderstanding, that is to feel that the Wristbands is dispensable, think just set in the hand to avoid losing the tool, use the mountaineering staff when the habit of clutching the hand tightly, in fact, the wrist strap is very important, whether the correct use of the wrist strap directly related to the right of using the mountaineering staff!

The strength of a climbing stick is a wrist strap that transmits weight and backpack weights to the wrist through the wrist, rather than holding the handle of the climbing stick. Believe that many people have this experience: by grasping the grip of the handle to use the mountaineering staff, long walking time,Wristbands the hand will feel very tired, especially in the line of time, sometimes tired even want to throw the mountaineering staff. But once you've learned to use your wrist strap correctly, your hands won't feel tired for long.

So how to hold it properly?

First, adjust the wrist strap to the appropriate length and put your hand through the wrist strap

Then the wrist is pressed in the palm of our hands, and then gently hold the handle can be, so that the load bearing through the wrist to support the mountaineering staff,Wristbands rather than tightly grasping the hands of the force. If the length of the wrist strap is not appropriate, then adjust.

This is the normal situation, the hand out after the appearance of the tiger is not a semicircle state?

This is the right way to hold the mountain stick.

The tiger holds the handle lightly,Wristbands the mountaineering staff can swing like the pendulum, the wrist strap as a connection, do not need to hold tightly, also don't worry about the mountaineering staff will fall, even if the use of mountaineering staff for a long time will not think it is a burden.

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