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Dec 12, 2016

(1) due to inappropriate officers touching the hydrostatic power, resulting in instant importing large amounts of static electricity, and less complete in the ion, can be used by screw outside air with the water molecules to produce ions (for the Corona discharge effect) so as effectively to exclude, and electrostatic discharge (electrostatic balance) the ultimate goal.

(2) this screw allows you to do potential return to zero function (just screw touching the ground),

(3) can be used as the Terminal loop detection.

Wired grounding wrist with is anti-electrostatic equipment in the most basic of, is most general using of line Shang of essential products, not only in erection and the operation Shang is convenient, in price Shang also most often affordable, its reasons for through wrist with and the grounding line, will human body of electrostatic emissions to Earth, so using Shi wrist with required does and skin contact, grounding line also needed directly grounding, and ensure grounding line unimpeded to play maximum effect.

Anti-static wrist strap ESD ring is a body-worn on the wrist to vent the body accumulation of electrostatic charge devices. it is divided into a wired, wireless, has a metal ring and rubber conductive fibers mixed ring. This product belongs to one of the antistatic wrist strap buckles adjust style, it can effectively protect the zero resistance, from electrostatic interference, to discharge static electricity of the human body. It consists of a static elastic band, active snap, Spring wire, to protect the resistance and clamping head. Elastic inner layer of anti-static and yarn woven outer layer with regular yarn woven. Principles of antistatic cable wrist strap through the wrist and grounding line static conductivity of the human body to the Earth. Use wristbands when in contact with the skin, and make sure ground wire ground, so as to achieve maximum effect. This anti-static wrist strap, it can be within 0.1 seconds to safely remove the static electricity produced in the human body, antistatic grounding wrist strap is the most basic, and most commonly used.   

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