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TPU Plastic Phone Case
Dec 12, 2016

TPU is soft, and the silicone is soft plastic products, a lot of people don't know the difference between silicone and TPU, even some sellers Taobao are unclear, are said to be of soft silicone. Here to explain. TPU is plastic, products are of the injection molding process, is warming after melting bits of plastic m, barrel injection plastic mould products.

Silicone belongs to the rubber molding process is vulcanization molding. Silicone mold is mold, cut a piece of silicone materials, placed inside the mold, heated pressure products.

General plastic products have a plastic outlet, injection finished products to trim, trim bad affect the appearance. Silicone is not rubber, but a rough edges around to repair, if the mold is garbage, this Flash is more obvious, dog.

From hand feeling, General hardness than silicone TPU hard hand pinch the elasticity silicone elastic a little less. TPU can be likened to the muscles feel, texture of the silicone to the fat. From the outside, TPU is very transparent, silicone may not be, most are very hazy as the thick fog that feeling. It is because of this transparent TPU, welcomed by the users. And high-grade TPU products also many alternative is quite strong, the pattern is more change than silicone.

TPU's shortcomings are easily deformed, yellow, after three or four months, if you happen to buy a transparent white and other light colors of products, easy yellow. Materials not even surface fog or sticky hands. Import Germany Bayer did also have this problem, just relatively better.

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