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Stamping Technology For Mobile Phone
Dec 12, 2016

Someone asked, middle-aged mobile beauty? Stamping you know! New phone shell beauty processing technology, through bronzing printer site print, operation very simple, on like using a Taiwan General of printer, you of photos, signature, pattern site making into bronzing and hot silver process, pattern streamer spill color, resplendent, dazzling note, wonderful colorful, unique of effect, is yiqian by cannot compared of, cute of cartoon is not is simple of, is bronzing of, you of signature is not is monotone of, is hot silver of, you of photos also not plain of, is golden of.

Such new technologies are emerging, and will add more personality and style for mobile phones, mobile beauty market to more general, favored by the majority of the users of this product, especially middle-aged, white-collar, business friends decorate cell phone of choice. Bronzing beauty especially for dark colors of cell phones, the darker the color, the better!

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