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Sports Wristbands
Dec 12, 2016

Interpretation of various charity groups on the wristband, for various colors of wristbands given special significance. You can use wristbands for a specific color to express your attitude to life, you can also use different colors to inspire their own healthy and young, and paired with different costumes to become the coolest people in the street.

Color meaning

Yao himself on the message of life writing in different color wrist band, in his inspirational dictionary, eight color has its own wonderful connotations:

Blue represents "chigo air"-the pursuit of equality, tolerance and lofty ideals, make your life more meaningful;

Green express "no excuses" – eliminate differences, breaking barriers, everyone is duty-bound to;

Pink means "blue sky"-imagination, has always been a forward momentum in the world;

Orange tells you "one on one"-challenge yourself more courage than others;

Red to promote "Soar"-people jump higher, is high but the heart Soar;

Yellow says "dream is never too big"-if we dream, everything can become a reality;

Purple raised "danger, organic" – at every opportunity, danger, the target will not far away from us;

Light green is "without fear or favour the brave" – confident, fearless, that power, it lurks in my heart. Eight colors, written eight different positive attitudes and motivate people "don't look down on myself," discover your unlimited potential.  

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