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Silicone Purse Stylish, Elegant, Portable
Oct 24, 2017

Silicone purse is silica gel products in the category of gifts, silicone purse used raw materials are solid silica gel, through the mold molding, vulcanization suppressed, feel comfortable, bright colors, environmental protection on the skin will not cause harm, strap can be any late to deformation and immediately restore, is a more popular promotional gifts in recent years.

Silica gel (Silicon dioxide) alias silicone rubber, is a highly active adsorption material, is a amorphous material, its chemical formula is MSIO2·NH2O. Insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and no matter what the reaction. Silica gel According to its pore size is divided into: macroporous silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, B-type silica gel, microporous silica gel. Various types of silica gel with different manufacturing methods to form different micro-pore structure. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many other similar materials which are difficult to replace: High adsorption property, good thermal stability, stable chemical property, high mechanical strength, etc.

Silicone 0 Wallet is a kind of silicone gift, because of its material environmental protection, feel soft, color diversity, and non-toxic harmless easy to clean the human body,Silicone Purse silicone 0 wallet in Europe and Japan more popular, in recent years in Hong Kong, Macao and the major Disney are more popular, domestic do silicone 0 wallet manufacturers because the color is too single, will be phased out.

Modern human life is the most attention to quality and health, purse is a carry-on, and the body without the time to melt, a lot of materials by chemical pollution caused human health hazards,Silicone Purse see this company to develop a harmless 100% pure human health edible Silica gel wallet, a listing of the vast number of users with high response, From this we silicone material wallet become the most popular nowadays new materials, this product can be used as craft gifts, collectibles, advertising gifts, and portable portable 360°comprehensive protection of love, fall never deformed, can accommodate many items, such as: coins, keys, jewelry, mobile phones.

Three-dimensional multicolor silicone materials using environmentally friendly silicone raw materials, material soft, durable. The use of point glue into the color process, you can produce a variety of concave and convex three-dimensional patterns, more and more popular in the market. and the market ordinary silicone wallet different, the surface is not three-dimensional, the pattern is printed.

The raw materials used are solid silica gel, after silicone products manufacturers mold molding, vulcanization repression, applicable to women leisure, stylish, elegant, portable, can accommodate a large number of items, feel comfortable, bright colors, environmental protection on the skin will not cause harm, is more popular promotional products in recent years, silicone wallet non-toxic tasteless, Different colors,Silicone Purse through the export of European and American countries testing, waterproof! Reasonable market price, the use of Platinum environmental protection silicone material, soft touch, surface sprayed with oil, smooth and easy to clean, easy to use, simple structure, easy to receive items, change keys, cosmetics and other items.

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