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Silicone Purse Safe And Reliable
Jun 21, 2017

We all know that Silicone Purse are new environmentally friendly safety materials, many people suspected of the advantages of Silicone Purse, resulting in their psychological concerns. Such as Silicone Purse which harm? Silicone Purse in the end there is no poison?

If you really say that Silicone Purse are absolutely safe it is impossible, but that we use it in the specified safe environment is safe and reliable. So what kind of Silicone Purse in the case of what harm?

Children under the age of three use Silicone Purse will likely cause suffocation, serious will endanger life, for young children they do not have a mature ability to judge, often small pieces of products into the mouth, eyes, nose and other vulnerable and sensitive parts , So we remind you, we must pay attention to keep small pieces of Silicone Purse, to avoid unnecessary losses.

It is not appropriate to use ordinary Silicone Purse for strong acid and other chemical products. Ordinary Silicone Purse can not reach the corresponding safety level. There may be corrosive. If there is any contact with the body, it will cause fatal injury.

Should not overestimate the ability of Silicone Purse, many people think that Silicone Purse can be high temperature, will ignore a lot of security risks, should not be used for long hours of high temperature roasted Silicone Purse.

As the silica gel has been widely used in the production of people among them, and the price of silica gel is more expensive, excellent product and has many excellent characteristics, so renewable silica gel also came into being, recycled silicone technology through the technical means of recycling of waste silicone rubber Regeneration technology, such a recycling can be a good way to reduce the company

Production costs, saving raw materials. Has now been applied to a lot of Silicone Purse in the production of raw materials manufacturers.

Recycled silica gel process:

The main process of recycled silica gel includes the selection of old materials to remove impurities from the product, then the selection and classification of the silicone product, and finally the cutting and cracking.

Recycled Silicone Note:

First, the production of recycled rubber should be noted that the temperature changes should be controlled by the slow increase in temperature, which can prevent the silicon particles due to the rapid changes in temperature and burst;

Second, the regeneration of silica gel are generally needed to remove the small particles inside the silicone rubber, this can be recycled rubber particles evenly, to improve the quality of recycled silica gel;

Third, the temperature is too high will cause changes in the structure of silicone pores and significantly reduce its adsorption effect, affecting the use of value. For the blue gel indicator or discoloration silica gel, desorption regeneration temperature should not exceed 120 ℃, otherwise it will be due to the gradual oxidation of the developer and lose color.

Recycled Silica Disadvantages:

Recycled silica gel than the absence of recycled silicone material, its flexibility, elongation, tear strength are less than the regeneration of silicone rubber materials, while the hardness of recycled silica is relatively large, and after a long time will be found Tiny deformation.

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