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Silicone Phone Case Strong Protection, Good Silicone Elasticity
Jun 21, 2017

Silicone Phone Case is usually used by the soft shell, because the softness of the silicone itself, the protection of the phone is obvious.


Very soft, feel comfortable, insulation is good, it is important that the waterproof performance is very good;

The protection of the phone strong, flexible silicone, for the shock and fall have a very good buffer to protect the phone;

Can prevent the nail for a long time with the key contact scratches, worn, have the role of protecting the screen and keys;

Long cycle life, anti-ultraviolet, high temperature, and not easy to deformation, can use a longer time.

With the development of technology, the pursuit of quality has simply failed to meet the needs of consumers, people began to focus on the appearance of the phone shell itself, businesses began to use chic color patterns to attract the attention of consumers. Look at the art aesthetics on the phone shell below.

One: Silicone Phone Case style

Silicone Phone Case most of the current use of Dijiao process, three-dimensional cartoon image and embossed pattern design based.

Second: silicone phone shell orders status quo

Silicone case shells less orders, suppliers, as factories, want to direct customers a little more, brokers a little less, but we can not do without middlemen, although some single or even a few times to hand to the factory hands, the unit price sometimes Will be pitiful Some can calculate the cost below the cost. Now the unit price is lower than in previous years, but the wages are up year after year. Some Silicone Phone Case factory, in order not to leave the factory, and sometimes know that earn money, but also bite the bullet and do.

Three: Silicone Phone Case foreign trade situation

The domestic market is not good, the domestic factories began to open up overseas markets, with the market price more and more transparent, like export-oriented factories, although some large number of foreign orders, but the unit price is still very low pressure. High price, the number of small, more color, the cost increases.

Four: if ...

If you continue to lower prices, the continued development of the market continues, the silicone mobile phone factory will be difficult to sustain, and then some transfer or transfer to the province of low manufacturing costs, with lower prices and others competition.

Five: silicone mobile phone factory outlet

Silicone case should be high-quality and high-end market development, OEM brand processing, or independent brand transformation. This will put the price of competition to product quality, product brand competition. The price competition pressure dispersed to the quality, brand competition is the future direction of development.

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