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Silicone Phone Case Beautiful And Generous
Jul 03, 2017

Improve the use of Silicone Phone Case have been tangled in the hearts of consumers a lot of problems. Because a mobile phone sets, although only a few dozen dollars, but his heart or let him use a little longer, at least in terms of quality. Here are two main talk with you how to improve the life of Silicone Phone Case:

First, we are doing when the mold must be based on the size of the product to choose the appropriate hardness of the silicone,

Second, the silicone inside can not add silicone oil, because the greater the amount of silicone oil added, make the mold will become soft, tension and tear strength will be reduced. Silicone naturally will not be durable, the service life will be reduced. Suggest that customers do not add silicone oil.

Recommended Silicone Phone Case or silicone phone shell when customers often ask me, you Silicone Phone Case and other mobile phone What is the difference between its characteristics where? Today Xiaobian thought or some out so that more friends can understand the characteristics of Silicone Phone Case:

On the seven major features of Silicone Phone Case, mainly:

One, can protect the phone, to prevent hard objects in the phone screen or fuselage left scratches;

Second, the silicone phone sets can also be effective waterproof, effective dust, shock, with excellent heat dissipation.

Three, the role of non-slip; and feel the quality is very good;

Four, Silicone Phone Case have the role of drop in the crucial moment to prevent the phone broke;

5, mobile phone sets can be printed on a variety of colors, personalized patterns! Beautiful and generous.

6, silicone sleeve can prevent the nail for a long time with the key contact scratches, worn, there is a protective screen and the role of the button;

Seven, some mobile phone sets, but also has the role of enhanced signal, because some mobile phone shell and metal contact after the formation of magnetic field interference with the phone signal, to the phone to wear insulated mobile phone sets, you can enhance the signal;

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