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Silicone Phone Case
Dec 12, 2016

Silicone shell is the most familiar type of mobile phone protective shells. Its soft texture, feel a bit slippery, popular market for many years. From the spread of shoddy goods development to sophisticated personal branding, and always stay ahead of market share. Because of its excellent price-performance ratio, when hot silicone shell later in MP3, iPod, is also very popular, and many people of all ages. Silicone shell is divided into two, one of them an organic silica, another inorganic silica gel. Cell phone silicone cover on the market belong to the former.

Silicone has many advantages, such as high temperature, good weather resistance (fear of ultraviolet radiation or ozone decomposition), good insulation, material is stability (not animals change). In addition, people choose silicone shell, but also because it's good feeling: some keyboard hard cell phone, put on silicone shell will be improved. But also absorbs some of the bumps on the impact of the mobile phone, thus reducing damage to the phone. In addition, the silicone shell waterproof performance, it also became one of its biggest selling points. Notwithstanding the significant advantages of silicone shell, and the price is cheap. But there are still shortcomings, due to poor ventilation, worn for a long time will result in the phone body heat accumulation. Significant calorific value of particular parts of the smart phones, more users is not recommended. Also, the viscosity of the silicone shell itself has a small, use for some time will gather dust adsorption on the phone, over and over, instead of against the phone's appearance, and protecting mobile phones runs counter to the original intention. In addition to the above considerations, cell phone silicone shell of a purchase is worth keep an eye on one or two. Silicone shell full of things, shopping malls supermarkets, mobile phones can be seen everywhere in the market. But never buy on the phone model you are done, prices vary from cheap silicone shell is often of poor quality, not on a set, is asymmetric. Good is really good quality, effective protection was essential. Regular silicone shell but mostly on the prices of more than 10, no need for cheap and lose a lot.

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