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Plastic Phone Case To Ensure Product Reliability
Jul 03, 2017

With the rapid development of communication technology, mobile phones are widely used. Mobile phone technology is moving in two directions: First, functional diversification; Second, the appearance of fine light. Therefore, in the mobile phone development process mobile Plastic Phone Case highlights its particularly important position. A set of mobile Plastic Phone Case covers the structure of the design, mold development, injection molding, spray printing and other processes, each link will affect the final appearance.

 The Plastic Phone Case is usually made of four pieces: face shell (front), face support (back), back support (lower), back shell (lower) and some small pieces, such as battery cover, button, , Anti-scratch and other components. These components need to be fully considered in the structural design of interoperability, as well as with the circuit board and battery components such as assembly. In the structural design need to consider a lot of related issues, such as material selection, internal structure, surface treatment, processing means, packaging and decoration, specifically the following:

A. To evaluate whether the design is reasonable and reliable, including the manufacturing method, the mold of the mold direction, the mold slope, core pulling force, structural strength, circuit installation (and electronic engineering staff), etc. is reasonable.

B. According to the shape requirements to determine whether the manufacturing process can be achieved, including mold manufacturing, product assembly, shell coating, silk screen, material selection, to be purchased parts supply.

C. To determine whether the product function can be achieved, the user is the best use.

D. Perform a specific structural design to determine the manufacturing process for each part. Pay attention to the structural strength of plastic parts, installation positioning, fastening methods, product variants, component installation and positioning, safety requirements, to determine the best assembly route.

E. Structural design to minimize the difficulty of mold design and manufacturing, improve the efficiency of injection molding, reduce mold costs and production costs.

F. To determine the entire product production process, testing means to ensure product reliability.

Mold design

Mold design must take full account of the structure of the product, assembly, but also need to consider the production of the product stripping and water distribution, gate distribution, the following brief introduction of product ribs and hooks, nuts and other locations of the design point of attention.

The mobile Plastic Phone Case is usually PC (polycarbonate) or PC + ABS material molding, because the PC is relatively poor mobility (physical properties as shown in the table below), so the process is usually used high mold temperature, high temperature filling; Usually for the gate, fill the need to use the classification of injection molding, looking for a better location and VP (injection - hold pressure) to switch the location, for the discussion of gate gas marks and less injection of flash and other anomalies will be of great help.

The following is the key points of the molding conditions of the mobile phone products, and the setting points of the molding parameters such as the melt temperature, the mold temperature, the injection speed and the back pressure are introduced.

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