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Plastic Phone Case Most Of The Favorites
May 27, 2017

Plastic Phone Case 


1. away from the high temperature and open flame, high temperature is the biggest enemy of plastic mobile phone shell, but also a very low point of burning material, if the plastic shell may directly cause mobile phone damage.

2. To avoid folding, plastic mobile phone shell is very easy to deformation, if it is hard plastic shell, then it is easy to break, we take the phone when the shell must not be too much force.

3. Regular cleaning, plastic mobile phone shell is also a sticky dusty mobile phone shell, especially in the gap is particularly easy to card the main dust, it is recommended that you use a week of time to conduct a simple cleaning.

4. A little dust cleaning: Plastic Phone Case  is relatively good waterproof performance, so we are in the cleaning time is relatively easy, with a wet towel to rub on it, if it is the corner and other cracks in the proposed use of a small toothbrush To clean.

5. More stubborn stains: because the Plastic Phone Case  for a few immune grunge, mostly with most stubborn stains can basically be a simple removal.

6. very stubborn stains: such as chewing gum, paint, glue and other sticky very strong stains, it is recommended that you use the wind oil drops in the toothbrush to clean, we must not use gasoline or corrosive liquid to carry out Cleaning, this will cause damage to the phone shell, while the human body will cause harm.

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