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LED Keychain Beautiful Effect, To Achieve Rust
Jul 12, 2017

Life in the mall where you can see different types of LED Keychain products, this promotional gift is now very popular, by the class people like and procurement, but many buyers on the LED Keychain of the specific types and uses also Not very understanding, well, let us together to understand this product in detail.

LED Keychain is divided into pvc soft material, acrylic, zinc alloy, and so the material; soft material products are very versatile, you can also Dijiao color into a dozen colors, made after the appearance of the product is also very In place, this soft plastic products in today's widely loved by the majority of young people can be used as a promotional gift to give people, you can always hang on the body when the ornaments to decorate themselves, this material products can be shaped, can be based on I want the size and shape custom, open mold fees will not be too expensive, jewelry shop this material up.

Acrylic material products that are plexiglass, sub-import information and domestic information, hollow and solid, is transparent, the center can put colorful paper into the acrylic hardness of the key to determine the level of wear. The current lower than 3H acrylic appearance are easy to spend.

LED Keychain, is the current fashion people in the daily life of the fashion decorations, it looks exquisite, unique style, decorative and dressed after a good dotted their own range of children.

First, the shape of the LED Keychain. LED Keychain as a hanging on the LED Keychain on the decorations, but also known as the key chain, LED Keychain, key chain and key linked, etc., its shape is numerous, common cartoon shape, brand modeling, simulation modeling and the production Into a variety of imaginable craft modeling.

A variety of modeling and materials made of fine key chain

Second, the production of LED Keychain material and classification.

LED Keychain material is generally made of metal, PVC leather, plastic, crystal and so on.

1, the most commonly used is the metal materials, including copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials, in which the production of copper LED Keychain is the most expensive to iron production is relatively cheap. Metal keychain, usually do surface treatment, such as nickel, copper, gold, etc., so that it can increase its aesthetic effect, but also to achieve the effect of rust and imitation wear.

2, PVC soft key chain.

PVC soft plasticity, can be customized according to their size and shape, and its corresponding cost of the cost of the mold is also lower. But its shortcomings is its color easily become dull, thus promoting its original texture.

3, acrylic LED Keychain. Acrylic is also known as plexiglass, is a transparent material, the middle can put colored paper into, which can be made into different patterns. Acrylic LED Keychain, the advantage is that the gloss is very good, toughness is good, not easy to break, but its drawback is relatively brittle

4, plastic key chain. The general use of the ABS material, need to open an injection mold, with ABS material injection, and then color, and other materials produced by the LED Keychain relative, because of its high cost of mold, the general number of its to do more, so Only cost-effective.

5, crystal key chain. Crystal key chain generally made of artificial crystal material, can be made into a shape. Crystal because of its pure and transparent quality, has become a symbol of purity, thus becoming a fashion favorite. It is also a common material for making LED Keychains.

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