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Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd Is Paying Special Attention To Our Employees Health
Mar 31, 2017

Health is the fundamentality of our body and body is the capital of revolution.

In order to overcome all the difficulties of our stressful lives, we need to be strong and healthy, either physically or mentally. Not for nothing, the Greek once said that “a sound mind is in a sound body”. So we should pay more attention to our health.

The April is coming, everywhere in spring! But every year in this season is DECAI Silicone Products Factory most busy time. In order to deliver the customized silicone products on time, the whole factory are fighting on producing as the scheduled. Now we producing  customized glow in the dark silicone wristbands, 3d silicone slap bracelets and customized PVC keychains.

Before you factor in the cost to companies of “presenteeism” - the familiar problem of employees being physically present at work, but performing sub-optimally because they’re struggling with stress, anxiety and a range of related issues.

So paying attention to the mental health of employees has a big potential upside for companies - reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

There have scientific evidence on health benefits of physical activity largely. There's no doubt that playing sports can potentially benefit the health.

So Decai Silicone Products Factory very care about our family members health and our factory have installed some fitness equipment to helping our employees stay healthy. Decai emphasized “Work for a better life, but good life cannot be without health.

Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd is engaged in silicone industry over 15 years. Our factory professional in making silicone wristbands, slap bands, phone case, purses, key chains, watches, slap watches, ice mould, pads, kitchenware, etc.Pls go or or contact get a quotation.

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