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Cell Phone Case The Décor Will Be Stylish
Oct 10, 2017

Now you can go out without money, without the bag, can not take the mobile phone, this day almost close to the items we also will own taste in this small thing, from the shape of the phone itself to the inside of the screen saver theme, and the decoration of the phone shell will be injected into the owner's feeling.

Most of the girls in addition to sleep, as long as the free will pick up the mobile phone row row? Then the clean cell phone shell will have blackened yellow day ~

In order to let everyone beloved mobile phone shell can be fully used ~ together to see how to maintain your beloved mobile phone shell bar!

Silicone Mobile phone shell

Maintenance Method:

1, we must first dry cloth soaked in the water to clean once, and then full of the water wring dry, drying to the water is not much, the first time the phone shell wipe in and out clean once.

2, if there is dirt on the phone shell, dust with a small toothbrush sticky some toothpaste to clean, if it is sticky on the oil stains with a toothbrush to stick some detergent to clean.

3, if the mobile phone shell, glue, such as viscous strong stains, using a small cotton swab stick on the balm evenly on the material, in the little toothbrush to clean, so can go to stubborn stains.

4, finally everyone in the dry rag Bar mobile phone shell dry, and then the mobile phone shell dry or use blowing feng shui can be set on the beloved mobile phone.

Metal cell phone shell

Maintenance Method:

1, first with a wet cloth to the phone shell cleaning dust.

2, metal cell phone shell gaps in the dust can be used to use a toothbrush and soap to clean, metal cell phone shell is very easy to clean off dust, so do not need to use too much strength to brush, as long as gently brush again, you can achieve the effect.

3, if there is a particularly strong sticky and stubborn stains, can be used alcohol or detergent to clean, alcohol and cleaning agent on paint, pigments, and building materials have a better cleaning effect. Relative to alcohol, cleaning agent is not easy to burn, colorless and tasteless, with more confidence.

4, if there is rust, it is recommended to use 2% of the acid and grass solvents to dissolve, spray in the place of rust, after 2-3 minutes with a paper towel or dishcloth can be wiped clean.

5. Finally wipe the water stains and liquid from the Apple cell phone shell with a dry rag.

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