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Cell Phone Case Regular Clean Sterilization
Oct 24, 2017

Although the Cell Phone Case is not expensive, after a period of time can be thrown to buy new, but this is very wasteful yo!

In order to let everyone beloved Cell Phone Case can be fully utilized, let's look at how to maintain your beloved Cell Phone Case!

Maintenance Method:

1. Soak the dry rag in the water first, and then the full water wring dry, drying to the water is not much time, the phone shell in and out clean once.

2. If there is dirt and dust on the Cell Phone Case, it can be washed with a small toothbrush sticking on some toothpaste; if the oil stains are adhered to, then use a toothbrush to glue some detergent to clean, if it is sticky strong stains such as glue, you can use a little cotton swab stick on the balm evenly smear on the stain, and then use a small toothbrush to clean.

3. Finally, dry rag handle machine shell dry, and then the phone shell to dry or use a blow dryer can be set on the beloved mobile phone.

Metal cell phone shell

Maintenance Method:

1. First with a wet cloth to the phone shell cleaning dust.

2. Metal cell phone shell gaps in the dust can be used with a toothbrush with soap to clean, metal cell phone shell very easy to clean off dust, so do not need to use too much strength to brush, as long as gently brush again, you can achieve the effect.

3. If there are sticky and stubborn stains, you can use alcohol or detergent to clean, alcohol and detergent on paints, pigments, and building materials paint has a good cleaning effect. Relative to alcohol, cleaning agent is not easy to burn, colorless and tasteless, with more confidence.

4. If there is rust, it is recommended to use 2% of the acid and grass solvents to dissolve, spray in the place of rust, after 2-3 minutes with paper towels or dishcloth can be wiped clean.

5. Finally, wipe off the water stain and liquid on the casing of the dry rag handle.

Frosted cell phone shell

Maintenance Method:

1. Avoid high temperature: Because the abrasive cell phone shell is mainly made of plastic Cell Phone Case, sun exposure will be easy to yellowing, deformation.

2. Avoid friction as far as possible: frosted Cell Phone Case has a small layer of scrub, if too much to rub the phone shell, the above sand easily fall off.

3. As far as possible to avoid falling: although the Cell Phone Case is to protect the mobile phone should be better, but the fall is precisely the ultra wave abrasive cell phone shell shortcomings, not only the Cell Phone Case may be broken, falling can also damage the cell phone.

4. Viscous not strong stains: for this kind of stain, frosted cell phone shell is very good to take care of, just need to use soft hair toothbrush gently brush will be able to clean up.

5. Sticky stains: such as chewing gum, paint sticky stains, you can use a soft hair toothbrush sticky balm or gasoline to clean.

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