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Cell Phone Case Every Pursuit Of Fashion
Jul 21, 2017

In the late nineties of the twentieth century, Cell Phone Case through the mobile phone slim start opportunity. Its type also with the mobile phone brand and function of the increase was diversified, according to the texture of leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic and other factors.

Cell Phone Case development to 2013, is no longer a simple practical goods. With the popularity of mobile phones in the young community, almost every fashionable young people want to have a unique mobile phone. To the mobile phone beauty has gradually become a way to show their personality.

In order to meet this trend, mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturers have introduced a number of more sophisticated workmanship, color patterns more chic products. This makes the type of mobile phone case more diversified.

Cell Phone Case so hot to Apple as the representative of the smart phones have a lot of Cell Phone Case can be a lot of energy to make people pleasing to the eye. Cortical, cartoon, metal, matte, diamond-studded, these dazzling array of mobile phone chassis market price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, especially custom photos by their customers favorite.

Clear water shell is not what the concept of innovation, it is crystal shell and silicone shell blend, belonging to a transparent silicone made of soft and hard moderate protective shell, and because the crystal shell as transparent, so named after the water. Silicone shell is the drawbacks of the use of a long time, the body and the body will inevitably "like glue", and sometimes have to let the phone "fly out of the cage" through a gas can not; and crystal shell as hard and easy to collapse, may lead to frequent changes The Clean water shell is not easy to loose, and the size of the right, it can be said both the advantages of both silicone shell and crystal shell, at the same time, in order to beautiful appearance, the back of the water jacket is usually printed with exquisite pattern, no longer like silicone shell and crystal The shell is so dull. Be more perfect protection of goods.

Put the second said is because the TPU is soft, and silica gel is the same as soft products, many people do not know the difference between silicone and TPU, and even some Taobao sellers are not clear, the soft are said to be silicone The TPU is a plastic category, the product is injected into the molding process to do is to put a grain of plastic rice heating after melting, with a barrel into the plastic mold and made of products. Silicone is a rubber type, the molding process is vulcanized. Silicone mold is the upper and lower mold, put a piece of silicone material cut, placed inside the mold, heating and pressure to make the product.

Convenient Cell Phone Case is also a new type of mobile phone shell, imported from the PC material injection, the side of the use of pure transparent PC material, you can clearly show the side of the phone. The back of the design has a convenient card function can be very convenient to commonly used bus cards, bank cards, ID cards and other cards take freely. It also has anti-electromagnetic wave dry up the function, so that people use the bus card and ID card when only a light to complete. For everyone's life and travel to bring real convenience.

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