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Anti-static Wrist Band Selection Techniques
Dec 12, 2016

Anti-static wrist strap is a worker to wear on the wrist to discharge body static wrist strap commonly used in electronics production line. Divided, corded and cordless phones. Anti-electrostatic wrist with (has rope of) it by elastic with, and activities by buckle, and spring cords, protection resistance and the plug or clip head composition, elastic with of within layer with anti-electrostatic yarn woven, outer with General yarn woven, using Shi workers will wrist with wearing in wrist Shang, buckle Shang by buckle, another end plug or clip head grounding, such on can effective will body of electrostatic release off.

Anti-static wrist strap in use after a period of time due to wrist band and constantly in the process of stretching, bending, some cheap wrist strap wire will break away from the anti-static effect cannot be so, and the people who use it don't know it has failed, after handling electrostatic sensitive components, resulting in electrostatic accidents.

1. good anti-static wrist strap wrist portion of the inner layer is made of silver, it turns the more, better electrical conductivity;

2. wrist strap connection PU line more strength than the PVC line, has a good elasticity;

3. grounding wire material, preferably copper wire;

4. grounding wire and bending of the wrist strap connection times, through appropriate instruments can detect if there are no users of instrumentation and recommendations obtained from buyers of third party test reports.

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