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About Wrist Band Profile
Dec 12, 2016

Anti-static wrist strap to discharge the static electricity of human body. It consists of a static elastic bands, activities, snap, spring cords. protection composed of resistors and plugs or clamps. Elastic inner layer of anti-static and yarn woven outer layer with regular yarn woven. Main index: leak resistance of 106 ohms spring cord length 250cm (protection of resistance of 106 ohms).

Has rope, and cordless wrist with (anti-electrostatic) electrostatic ring wired wrist with (anti-electrostatic) wireless electrostatic wrist with, and anti-electrostatic wrist with of detailed introduced wireless type electrostatic wrist with, is using (static voltage balance) of physical principle, according to "electrostatic engineering in the" electrostatic is using ion between of pushed way passed of principle development and into, through electrostatic since high electric since high potential pushed of characteristics will human electrostatic ion pushed drought ontology design of (collection district), through [charge induction principle] will makes conductive Board of pros and cons surface respectively with " Same amount of opposite charges "-skin effect, due to the built-in ion exchanger < uses its low ionization energy characteristics > can easily provide electrostatic ion the same amount of opposite charges being imported to be neutral, the effect of electrostatic discharge can be reached, another native external with a screw, and inner conductor connection

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