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Silicone Phone Case Anti-ultraviolet, High Temperature
Jun 12, 2017

Silicone Phone Case Now with the progress of science and technology, mobile phones and other mainstream digital products continue to replace, so that the matching products - mobile phone shell is endless, today the shell brother for everyone to explain the most common advantages and disadvantages of the silicone shell.

Now the use of mobile phone shells more and more people, because many people use the knowledge of the lack of mobile phone shell, resulting in improper use of mobile phone shell, resulting in unnecessary trouble, especially as Iphone5 paint the beginning of the problem, so the users are necessary To understand the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone shell and maintenance methods, the advantages and disadvantages of silicone mobile phone shell.

First of all, we have the advantages of silicone shell:

Silicone shell texture is very soft, feel comfortable, which is most like the Silicone Phone Case shell friends favorite point. First of all it's strong protection, good silicone elasticity, for shock and drop have a very good buffer, can be a good protection of the phone and the use of long cycle, anti-ultraviolet, high temperature, and not easy to deformation, to use longer time. Second, this kind of shell insulation is good, silicone is insulator, so for mobile phone users who are relatively safe. The last is its rich colors: silicone mobile phone can be very rich colors, often made into cartoon patterns.

Then shell brother to say the shortcomings of silicone mobile phone shell, summed up mainly three major points:

1. Poor thermal conductivity: silicone mobile phone shell is a high-density materials, so his thermal performance is very high, so that in the summer when the silicone shell with easy to damage the phone, affecting the life of the phone.

 2. Absolute waterproof: absolute waterproof can also be regarded as advantages, but the shell brother that is a disadvantage, that is because the absolute waterproof, so when the water into the phone shell when it is not easy to come out, so that mobile phone water, especially in summer Everyone in the use of silicone phone shell often hand and face will have sweat.

3. not easy to clean: silica gel has a certain ability to absorb, when there is a stolen goods in the phone shell becomes difficult to clean, such as: ink, paint and so on dirt, and the gap is easy to card the main dust, so that affect the phone's aesthetic The

Silicone Phone Case Said so many people still think that the phone shell is just a protection of mobile phone products? In fact, the phone shell is a person's emotional expression, is a person's hobby. The phone shell is not a rotten so far, the phone shell like our clothes, you are willing to wear a dress around every day stroll it? Hope that everyone can be better on their mobile phone. 

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