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Silicone Purse Colorful Wallet Mystery
Jun 12, 2017

Silicone Purse Maybe before you look at this article, you have heard such a rumor: wallet is best not to use red, because not rich! Is it really? Follow Xiao Bian together to see the colorful wallet mystery! Different colors in the feng shui on behalf of have different numerology.

White on behalf of clean, not suitable for the color of the wallet, little help on the wealth, but easy to spend money, but if you hit the five elements like white, then the situation will not appear, but the more prosperous.

Yellow can Lucky, the fortune has a good help, but hit bogey yellow people,Silicone Purse is not suitable for use, we must pay attention to it!

Plum red and pink these two colors are on behalf of the peach, so you want to run the peach blossom, then use these two colors wallet friends, but the wealth of a bit weak.

Black on behalf of calm, you can hold the money, not easy to have lost money. One of the most common wallet colors in life, but hit bogey black people, not suitable for use, but easy to break the money.

Red on behalf of the booming, is the most lucky color, but also said to spend money readily. There is also a saying that the red represents the deficit, so many people do not like to buy red wallet,Silicone Purse in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Blue on behalf of the water, meaning that money will flow like water, but also a not suitable for the color of the wallet, but hit the blue with those who, with blue anyway,Silicone Purse may make money more and more, the more with the more Wang

Brown and brown also have the meaning of money, the same can be rich, so many wallet on the market are mainly in these two colors.

Above the argument is outlined, of course, if you currently use the wallet does not bring you good fortune, in addition to reflect on their own, but also to find experts to check their own hits with five elements, such as hi water, then suitable for black and white, Hi with the fire,Silicone Purse then suitable for use with yellow and red, etc., to avoid the color of their own sense of the color can be.

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