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Why silicone phone cover with smells?
Dec 12, 2016

Some friends will often ask me why some manufacturers produce silicone mobile phone cover, smell, there is a strong odor of gasoline or paint.

Cell phones are an essential tool of communication, everyone wants to love machine for themselves to buy a mobile phone case, but still a little worried, fear of toxic!

Silicone mobile phone cover poisonous? Why are some odors. Silicone is not harmful to the human body, which is pure silica gel, is harmless to the human body! But does not guarantee that poor quality silicone harmless to the human body! When you purchase a silicone mobile phone case, if there was a pungent smell, smell then spray oil or other, is not a qualifying product, manufacturers are not exclude the operation of odors caused by. Used in mobile phone sets, also it's fine, as long as you can stand this way, is not going to cause harm to your health!

So we built instrument, at the time of purchase Silicone phone cover, please don't be cheap, prices vary from cheap silicone sleeve is often of poor quality, good is really good quality, effective protection was essential. The current regular price but mostly more than 10 dozens of pieces of silicone sleeve, no need for cheap and lose a lot.

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