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The development history of silicone
Dec 12, 2016

First, the original stage

In 1863, this is worthy of future generations never forget for one year. Because in that year, France chaersi·fulideer, a chemist, as well as the United States chemist zhanmusi·kelafuci, synthesis of the world's first organic silicon compounds contain Si-C bonds-four ethyl Silane, which opens the history of organosilicon chemistry.

Later in 1863 to 1903 and began synthesizing a lot of four derivatives of ethyl Silane, 40 years is called the origin stage.

Second, development stages

From 1904 to 1937, people not only many simple organic silicon compounds were synthesized, and began the study of asymmetric Silicon compounds synthesis, creates conditions for the study on the optically active isomers of organic silicon. This is the stage of development of organosilicon chemistry.

Third, reform

And then from 1938 to 1965, first United States Corning (Corning) glass chemist Hyde, with General Electric Company patenuode and Rocho, recognized the potential of silicone polymers, and improved the synthesis of organosilicon monomer, silicone polymers for industrial production. Particularly of methyl chlorosilane Rocho invented in 1941 "direct synthesis method" set off a revolution of organosilicon chemistry. In 1945, silicone rubber products. (PS: study of silicone rubber, China's industrialization started in 1957)

Four, flourishing stage

From 1966 to the present, the future, and opens up many new areas of organosilicon chemistry, many impossible became possible, such as synthesis of SI-metallic bond compounds, Silicon compounds with transition elements in particular, the most meaningful and valuable. Invented the scramble organosilicon chemistry borne fruit.

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