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Silicone wallet presentation
Dec 12, 2016

1. material: first of all we start making said silicone wallet material: silicone wallet made of silica gel, silica gel is a harmless and odourless material, good stability, good elasticity, physical and chemical properties are very stable, high and low temperature resistance, can be used in a temperature range of-80 °-280 °! And we use environmentally friendly silicone material, the products are environmentally friendly!

2. color: Furthermore, we say said silicone 0 wallet this paragraph products of color, we can with color cream to for color, can mixed match modulation out not as of color, and color also will sex on of realistic, can simple of said; color cream deployment out of color on with painting by using of pigment is almost of, watercolor painting out of effect we also see had, very of beautiful, so everyone also can believes color cream deployment out of effect is very beautiful of, so relative Yu other traditional of change package for, in color above , Silicone wallet very well challenge the traditional coin purse!

3. characteristics: then we again from silicone of using characteristics for, silicone texture soft, back elastic good, not deformation and material appeared aging and rupture phenomenon, and silicone 0 wallet are is through with color cream deployment with silicone with refining rubber zhihou hydraulic forming of, so more not worried color fade phenomenon, and now we compared often using of change package has leather of, cloth of, this several material of change package on using long or not more note, on will appeared leather rupture, fade, dirty Department not off, Fabric pilling or stick some dirty, although it can be cleaned, but some is also cleaning wash off, lots of easy cleaning and can be cleaned easily, at this point and challenge the traditional change Kit!

4. shape: last we will said silicone 0 wallet of shape, silicone 0 wallet because material of relationship, now is with silicone production process of constantly progress, we can making out different shape of silicone 0 wallet, round of, and party of, and diamond of; animal of, plant of, and characters of are can making, as long as has to sample figure draft, we on can for you open die making. Traditional package of change we see in the market are square or round, few see the special novel, even if there is, the price is also very expensive, so silicone wallet is slightly better on price! Through the above description, silicone wallet is now new material product of the times, it has been spoiled by the foreign women, we should also keep up with fashion trends, fashion, while also struggle with now to promote the cause of environmental protection, why not do it!


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