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Silicone, TPU, PC hardness comparison
Dec 12, 2016

Mobile phone protective shells flexibility mainly refers to the protective shell after deformation, easily broken. Shell's flexibility can be said to be silicone, TPU and PC all material was the biggest difference in the appearance, feel.

Silicone case soft

General soft silicone phone cover, pull a good, feel slightly slipping, if silicone has a high tensile strength materials add too little words can easily be pulled off, how do I know its high tensile strength? Suitable light intensity with the hand pulled the product, if the product has too few white with high tensile strength, if you pull on a little white or without white is qualified products.

TPU case with moderate softness

TPU soft and hard between the qualities of rubber and plastics, TPU hardness range is quite wide, by changing the TPU the ratio of reaction components, different products can be obtained, and with increasing hardness, its products still maintain good flexibility and resistance to abrasion. Known as abrasion resistance, tear resistance, bending interference intensity is excellent; high tensile strength, elongation, low long-term compression rate are the advantages of TPU.

PC case very tenacious

PC (polycarbonate) is itself a tough thermoplastic resin, strong PC material impact resistance, good strength and toughness, whether weight or the General beat, as long as you're not trying to hit it with a stone, it is enough to live long, and appearance of the transparency is high but it is easier to scratch.

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