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Introduce silicone bracelet
Dec 12, 2016

Silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet, silicone wrist bands, silicone bracelets, and other names, is a classification of products of silicone products, it is produced by the 100% silicone material. It's not just an ornament, it is more representative of this culture, a symbol.

Silicone bracelet's origin: the earliest popular street basketball in the black culture, because of the low social status of Blacks at the time, life is very poor, so their street basketball game when there is no uniform, mostly topless, so they are popular with silicone bracelet different colors to distinguish between both teams, silicone bracelet has slowly evolved

Into the life of a very popular decoration.

Use of silicone bracelet: silicone bracelet is a low cost, silicone products, so it is often used in promotional gifts, gifts, commemorative gifts and so on, while suitable for advertising promotional gifts.

Silicone bracelet product is nontoxic, not damaged, heat-resistant, not deformation, long life, materials, texture soft, fashionable, colors beautiful, elegant simplicity, and does not irritate hand skin characteristics.

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