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How to select apples iphone6 silicone phone case manufacturers
Dec 12, 2016

Right choices Apple iphone6 silicone phone case manufacturer, huaqiang North is one of many clients or doing business business choice. As we all know, cartoon quality silicone phone case needs not only to make the finished product so simple, this requires human glue or artificial set k to make, but this in turn requires a series of complex and rigorous production processes can be truly good quality silicone phone case products, after all, need manual operation in order to really perfect the production of good quality.

1. viewing machines, included automatic drip machine, while the number of automatic drip machine, minorities will be equipped with one or two of the manufacturers, most will have 5, which is now pursuing a mechanical operations, mechanized operation than the artificial production of better quality, faster production, therefore effectively guarantee quality and effective production delivery;

2. the number of production lines. Number of production lines, silicone glue factory today, are generally small, basically in three lines or less, few would last more than four lines, let alone more than five lines of

3. number of employees. This is not to say, silicone epoxy products basic manual production, a production line is equipped with four employees to be the most accurate number of missing, bad functioning, it will affect production quality and delivery, not to mention the iphone6 is to make high quality silicone phone case?

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