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Export Japan mice silicone keychain
Dec 12, 2016

Today author to introduced production of a paragraph export Japan small mouse silicone key buckle, this paragraph silicone key buckle to small mouse logo design making, small mouse brand in Japan domestic very of famous, its company custom this paragraph small mouse silicone key buckle main as brand of publicity, in custom this paragraph small mouse silicone key buckle zhiqian, its company also and wonderful card cooperation production had small mouse phone dust Plug and PVC soft rubber luggage brand, its company very recognized we of quality, if understand this industry of friends are know, Customized products Japan silicone products and PVC soft plastic products requires quality compared to many other Nations demanding strict.

This paragraph export Japan small mouse silicone key buckle by used of silicone for has through has SGS and the RoHS security certification standard, meet international environmental security standard, we by used of production process for drops rubber process, style stereo effect very strong, very has level sense, bump to, due to used silicone material Seiko build, texture soft, feel comfortable, and also has wear, and durable, and resistance dirty, and not deformation, and not faded, and Yi Qingshui, significantly features, and metal ring we by used 404 not embroidered steel metal ring, Unlike the normal metal rings with embroidery, magicard card produces silicone key chains, PVC key chain with quality as the first.

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