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Effectiveness of power silicone bracelet
Dec 12, 2016

United States, Chile, Brazil, have been put into mass production! Genuine authentic full agent processing! The latest international, the most popular international, international frontier, international fashion, international energy === boutique power balance silicone bracelet, an unprecedented hot!

Power silicone bracelet is brand new environmentally friendly and helps to enhance blood circulation, relaxation, neck, and shoulders relaxed, and relaxing. Increase human energy transport, improve strength, endurance and concentration. Due to the accumulation of blood lactic acid is the main cause of fatigue, wear silicone bracelet energy can break down lactic acid accumulation to eliminate fatigue, enhance athletic ability. Suitable for: sports enthusiasts, travelers, and in patients with cervical spondylosis, long-term use of computer personnel, easily fatigued people.

Only silicone bracelet energy bracelet, energy balance bracelet, powerbalance energy balance bracelet EFX power bracelet EFX anion bracelet XB bracelet, bracelet BODY energy, BODY negative ions silicone bracelet, silicone infrared energy bracelet, antifatigue, antistatic, resistance to radiation and energy balance of the body function!

Power silicone bracelet: length: 175 cm weight: 10 g product shape: bracelet 22 cm long packing list: a titanium bracelet is a way through the wavelength causes cells to ionizing radiation, regulate human current element. To have beneficial physiological effects on the human body. It can be: 1, by adjusting the current, relax, improve motor function. 2, adjust local heat, so that the muscles relax. 3, by stimulating blood flow to help remove blood flow produced by the pain in the role of and the fatigue factor. 4, to relieve bursitis, sciatica, headaches, arthritis, and PMS symptoms have obvious function.

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