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Difference Between Rubber and Silicone
Mar 13, 2017

Difference Between Silicone and Rubber

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What is "silicone" mean?

Actually at first I not really understand what is "silicone" mean in "silicone bracelets" this word. Some people say silicone is silicon dioxide hydrate (mSiO2·nH2O), some people say silicone is synthetic rubber, some people say silicone actually is silicone rubber, some people also divided silicone into inorganic silicone and organic silicone. There too many definition for silicone, and so many people just called all in "silicone". Those "silicone" name make me very very confused. 

After I read many articles and visited  factories often, and I know that when we say silicone wristbands, silicone slap bracelets, silicone phone case, silicone keychain....silicone promotion gifts, that "silicone " actually is silicone rubber which is synthetic rubber or one of organic silicone.

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Now Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd( show you the Difference Between Silicone and Rubber. 

Firstly we talk about the rubber. Rubber can be divided into synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Natural rubber is isoprene high polymer, it make from latex from the rubber plant. Synthetic rubber is pruduced by polymerization or polycondensation. Dimensions of synthetic rubber can be changed largely by stressing, and can be returned to the original dimensions after removing the stress Rubber is used for many applications like automotive, electronics applications etc, because of their elastic, toughness and friction resistance and dielectric. As they are waterproof materials, they are used as sealants, gloves etc. Rubbers or elastomers are excellent materials for insulating purposes.

Silicone(or silicone rubber) is a synthetic rubber. As silicone has high energy silicon-oxygen bonds, it is more resistant to heat than other rubbers or elastomers. Unlike in other elastomers, the inorganic backbone of silicone makes its resistance to fungus and chemicals higher. In addition, silicone rubber is resistant to ozone and UV attacks because the silicon oxygen bond is less susceptible to these attacks than the carbon- carbon bond of the backbone in other elastomers. Silicone has a lower tensile strength and lower tear strength than the organic rubbers. However at high temperatures, it shows excellent tensile and tear properties. This is because the variation of properties in silicone is less at high temperatures. Silicone is more durable than other elastomers. These are few of the beneficial properties of silicone. Regardless, the fatigue life of silicone rubbers is shorter than the organic rubbers. It is one of the disadvantages of silicone rubber. In addition, its viscosity is high; therefore, it causes manufacturing problems due to poor flow properties. From all the rubbers, silicone is much better for thermal insulation due to its heat resistance. Silicone rubber offers special properties, which organic rubbers do not possesr. So compare to the rubber, now a lot of life products used in silicone products are replaced rubber products, because silicone products are not toxic, colorless and tasteless, environmental protection and very soft. Now the application area of silicone products is very wide, even in medical, eating and drinking and ect.

Key Difference:

• Silicone is one of the elastomers, or one of the rubbers.

• The backbone of silicone contains silicon and oxygen, while the backbones of most of the other rubbers contain carbon-carbon bonds.

• Silicone is more resistant to heat, chemical attacks, fungus attacks, UV attacks than normal rubber.

• Silicone is much better than all other rubbers for thermal insulation due to its heat resistance.

• Silicone rubber offers special properties, which organic rubbers do not posses. Organic rubbers have poor tensile and tear properties at high temperatures while these properties are excellent in silicone rubbers at the same temperature conditions

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