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Anti-static silicone wrist band
Dec 12, 2016

Anti-static silicone wrist band

1. silicone rubber wrist band of conductive layers with permanent antistatic properties, easy to regulate, not down.

2. wrist strap using silicone raw materials imported from advanced production, beautiful, soft, very comfortable to wear;

3. brass fastener and strong elasticity copper plug, contact is good, smooth the process of electrostatic discharge.

4. Slingshot line is made of high quality PU environmental protection rubber production, good catapult elastic recovery and strong, long line DIA 2.5mm*2.4m, DIA 2.5mm*1.8M; plastic beer is made of PU material at both ends and note resistance 1M security, safety and durability;

5. the common wrist ring color: red, dark blue, light blue, and so on.

6. repeat cleaning, use for a long time. 10-100 purification for indoor use.

Technical data:

Surface resistance: 10^6 ω-10 ˆ 8 ω

Loop resistance: ≤ 103 ω;

Wrist strap electrostatic discharge time: <0.1S (1500V~100V);

Bands on the inner surface of metal film resistor: 20K ω;

Washable and reusable, and can be used 10-100 purification room

Main application:

For human body electrostatic protection in electronic product manufacturing;

Sensitive devices used in aerospace equipment and operation of protection;

Used in construction, automotive industry protection;

Used for protection in pharmaceutical production, all the contact areas and sensitive to static electricity from the human body and the environment.

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