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Advantages of full color printing on silicone rubber products
Mar 31, 2017

Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd make the life more colorfull.


Slik sreen single color printing on silicone pruducts are rather flat and lack of attraction.In this colorfull wrod, the dull coloring can not satisfy people catch the fashion and beauty. Therefore, screen printing can not meet customers demand for colorfull silicone prouducts, and then colorfull printing is geting more popular. Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd are the most professional in making full color silicone bracelets, full color slap bracelets, full color phone case and full color cup covers and so many others full color silicone products .

Color printing is the reproduction of an image or text in color (as opposed to simpler black and white or monochrome printing). Any natural scene or color photograph can be optically and physiologically dissected into three primary colors, red, green and blue, roughly equal amounts of which give rise to the perception of white, and different proportions of which give rise to the visual sensations of all other colors. The additive combination of any two primary colors in roughly equal proportion gives rise to the perception of a secondary color. For example, red and green yields yellow, red and blue yields magenta (a purple hue), and green and blue yield cyan (a turquoise hue). Only yellow is counter-intuitive. Yellow, cyan and magenta are merely the "basic" secondary colors: unequal mixtures of the primaries give rise to perception of many other colors all of which may be considered "tertiary."

Advantages of full color printing:

1.Meet the individual needs;

Full color printing can maximize meet people individual needs. Full color printing technology can allow the designers play their full creative talent. Design artworks can easily modify on computer, and the effect of the computer is the effect of final products. In this sense, color printing is leading a new market to stimulate consumers demands.

2.More colorful and beautiful, HD image and more realistic.

Full color printing can print 16.7 million colors at same time, satisfy different demands from the designers for the space color, and enhance the product to a higher grade. Full color printing silicone products have more rich and clear levels and more stereoscopic just like a excellent photograph copys.

3.The number of colors and copy length is urestricted.

No need to make screens can save the screen tolling free,save a lot of time also can save the printed material.


While there are many techniques for reproduction images in color, specific graphic processes and industrial equipment are used for mass reproduction of color images on paper. In this sense, "color printing" free translation applies for printing presses capable of thousands or millions of impressions for newspapers and magazines, brochures, cards, posters and similar mass-market items. In this type of industrial or commercial printing, the technique used to print full-color images, such as color photographs, is referred to as four- process or merely process printing.

Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd is engaged in silicone industry over 15 years. We are the most professional in making full color silicone wristbands, full color slap bracelets, full color phone case and full color cup covers and so many others full color silicone products . Pls go or or contact get a custom quotation.

Here is some full color printing silicne bracelets make from Decai Silicone Products Co.,Ltd on Youtube. 


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